Amy Wilkinson



TEDx Palo Alto
The Secret of How to Think Like an Entrepreneur  

Drive and Courage: How to Embrace Challenges

Deloitte Digital
The Secret Truth Behind Diverse Teams

Deloitte Digital
Playing Multiple Roles at Your Company

Stanford GSB
How Great Entrepreneurs See What Others Don't

Stanford GSB
What Successful Entrepreneurs Know

Stanford Graduation
Amy's Stanford GSB students graduate 

Milken Institute Global Conference
Unleashing Innovation: Advancing a creative, proactive and competitive workforce

IBM Interconnect
The Road for Next Generation Entrepreneurs

NASDAQ Entrepreneurial Creator
The Creator's Code with Amy Wilkinson.

SoFi & Cosmopolitan - Fun, Fearless Money
How To Be A Creator In The Corporate World

SoFi & Cosmopolitan - Fun, Fearless Money
Traits of Successful Creators

FOX News – Opening Bell
‘The Creator’s Code’ author Amy Wilkinson discusses her six steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur on FOX

MSNBC – Shift
How to turn a start up into a successful company

INC. Idea Lab
Success Secrets: What 200 Leading Entrepreneurs Have in Common

The Economist Innovation Forum
Entrepreneurs Are Born, Not Trained

Elon Musk interview by Amy Wilkinson
Interview with Elon Musk, founder & CEO of SpaceX, Tesla, and Solar City

The Street
Here’s How Elon Musk and Other Entrepreneurs Cracked ‘The Creator’s Code’

The Creator's Code with Amy Wilkinson

Wall Street Journal
Author Amy Wilkinson interviewed 200 entrepreneurs to learn how ideas become enduring businesses. She joins Sara Murray to discuss “The Creator’s Code”

The Creator’s Code Trailer
Entrepreneurial success is accessible to everyone

Kauffman Sketchbook
"Cracking the Code" animation

CSPAN [NGA Meeting]
Creating An Entrepreneurial Culture

Fox and Friends
America Ignored


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