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What does it take to build a great business? How do some people spot opportunities and turn inklings into enterprises that endure? What can you learn from them? Amy Wilkinson is the first to develop a comprehensive theory that explains how upstarts gain traction to achieve lasting results, and she is the author of The Creator’s Code: The Six Essential Skills of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs. The book spent three weeks as the No. 1 new release in business leadership on Amazon and has been featured on Fox News, CNBC, Bloomberg, WSJ Live, Yahoo Finance, USA Today, Fortune, Fast Company, Business Insider, Slate, and more.

With a career that spans the White House, Harvard, McKinsey, J.P. Morgan, and her own startups, Wilkinson shares the skills necessary for injecting an entrepreneurial thought process into a business, jump-starting innovation, and creating a culture that identifies and seizes opportunities that leapfrog the competition. She insists that anyone can adapt and apply these skills – whether you’re an innovative manager or an aspiring entrepreneur, and she shows organizations how to grow and compete at home and abroad by thinking differently.

Steeped in the world of innovation and the ways it has altered our most fundamental assumptions, Wilkinson weaves together the wisdom from her more than 200 high-impact interviews with company founders, academic research, and case studies to reveal the surprising mindsets and powerful skills of those who are forging the front lines of the future. She opens audiences’ eyes, engages their imaginations, and provides the rare insight needed in a world of rapid global change.

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