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Advancing Entrepreneurial Intelligence


About Us

Ingenuity believes in the spirit of entrepreneurship and strives to foster the creative spirit within all of us. 

The Ingenuity team’s aim is to aid the advancement of entrepreneurial intelligence by providing creators with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed.

Based on Amy Wilkinson’s global best selling book “The Creator’s Code,” an accumulation of the nation’s largest dataset of today’s most successful entrepreneurs, our mission is to providing clients with the ability to achieve entrepreneurial success.


Our Clients

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What We Do


Our Ingenuity Bootcamp provides key insights into becoming a thriving creator through activities. It is so versatile, that it can benefit both large corporations and the DIY entrepreneur.

We have unlocked The Creator's Code through Amy Wilkinson's research and interviews from over 200 of the world's leading entrepreneurs, condensed and formatted into a fun, easy-to-read.

Hire us to host an Ingenuity-Empowered Conference for your business today! With our team of expert presenters and skilled motivators, you and your team will leave this experience ready to create the next big thing.